USA Resources Technology, LLC

534 South Front Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07202


Board Member - Mark P. Andreotta

Every company needs management that can see the mission and ensure it operates and executes to meet this goal. Mark Andreotta is such a person.

Mark joined Mobil Oil in 1979 and for over 32 years advanced in roles within Marketing, Manufacturing, Chemicals and Upstream. He started his career in Lubricant sales and after a series of sales and sales management roles, he joined Mobil’s Natural Gas Upstream unit in 1984. When Mark returned to Fairfax, Virginia, he held subsequent assignments including management of the Basestock and Specialties division, acquisition of the Chalmette Refinery and a corporate stint working for the President of Mobil.

Mark joined the U.S. distributor business group in the late 1980s where he eventually moved on to be become the Worldwide Aromatics and Benzene Portfolio Manager. He was transferred to lead the Australasia team in 1996 until the ExxonMobil merger occurred. During the next 3 years he ran the worldwide Aviation and Marine business group and the Americas business portfolio.

A West Point graduate during the Vietnam era, Mark followed his father who served the military for 29 years. While Mark elected to leave the service in the late 1970s, Mark’s son William is currently the Heritage Flight Commander leading the U.S. Air Force in its rollout of the F-35. A four-war family, the Andreotta’s are proud of their military heritage.

Mark is well known to much of our customer base and is well respected for being a man of his word and someone who can fulfill the mission of USA Resources Technology. We are pleased to have Mark guiding our mission, vision and values.

General Manager – Manufacturing, Quality & Operations - Asghar Ali

USA Resources Technology is proud to have Asghar Ali running our Manufacturing, Quality and Operations facility located in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

 With over 40 years of history in the chemical industry, Asghar is uniquely qualified to meet the mission of USA Resources Technology by providing our customers the highest quality antifreeze products at a great value.

Starting his career in Tenneco Chemicals in 1975, Asghar rose from the role of a process engineer in various research & development assignments. Joining Witco in 1984, Asghar assumed more senior roles in Manufacturing and Plant Management.

In 2003, Asghar became Project Manager for the installation of a distillation plant in the greater Newark, New Jersey area. Asghar worked with local authorities and obtained all the necessary permits to install the 1st authorized distillation and refining plant for processing LERT and other glycol streams.

 During 2012-2015, Asghar was hired by a third party company to acquire, run, install and operate facilities to supply ethylene glycol to major customers in the U.S. and Canada. Asghar retired in July 2015.

USA Resources Technology hired Asghar in January 2016 to help start our facilities in antifreeze manufacturing and to fulfill our mission of providng the highest quality products at affordable prices. He is exceptionally qualified to ensure our products meet the latest specifications and provide our customer base the advantages they can achieve using our family of products.